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Once you start, you're hooked. But there is a hope for you. CANNIBALS ANONYMOUS.
Photo album of stolen splendor


this is here for cait
You'd be surprised how frequently I update.
Cannibalism-related links!
Photo album of stolen splendor
how screwed up I am
surveys, all organized to make me look like I, in turn, am organized
eating babies is the cool thing to do
Weird dreams I've had in horribly done comic format
More reasons life sucks - this will be built over time.
My little whacko brother
Elfwood imploded and Sensus was postponed.
Oh my God! There's an axe in my head! (after messing the first try up)
good songs.
I like traffic lights
Heinle and Heinle
Your pathetic source for quotes
Something that you won't have read already.
And now, a word from our sponsors.
Roads to infinity. Or from there.

And now for your daily nostalgia.
SEND ME MORE PICTURES!  I like them!  I even like pictures of you!  They make me happy to have on my computer so that I can look back and hear music and be all like laaaaaaaaa.  That's sadly how I get, too, even if I don't like you.
I have some other pictures on my hard drive like one of Austin from maryland and an actual real one of Mack (not that that wasn't real) and stuff but I know some people are self conscious so I didn't post them but if I'm ALLOWED to then tell me and I will!


This is Mat!


From the Barlow website - now you see why manic depression is so common; if every school shoved you out of the beige and into the pink, you'd be sunk.  This also is where I spend about 95% of my time at that school (in the pink hallway right there at my handicapped locker) so although you don't care at all, this is here for me to look back on in a few years and go "damn, you didn't move very much, did you?"



credit goes to - this is Nelson with a glove on him.  It is how I will remember human bio class forever even though we did not do that in human bio.


This is from when we were all going into seventh grade.  Pow.


This is Mack in his brilliance.  I got it from his neverupdated site:


This is Daniel - he sent me the picture saying that his hair was really long in it.  I thought that was funny because it isn't.  He is brilliant and wrote a play that's being performed and an article that was published in the Washington Post. 


Alexis gave me this before I had the priveledge of meeting Cosmofish face to face.  He is lovely.  There is a part of this site that is partially about him and partially about Mattholomew's puns. 


This is Ayrik?  But that wasn't a question.  Eat it.


Sophomore health class lives and breathes.  From Peter's website.


Eli and Meredith


Pete and Jonah.


KTO as Austin Powers. 

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