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Once you start, you're hooked. But there is a hope for you. CANNIBALS ANONYMOUS.
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Life sucks.

That is why I am here to make it worse. I would like to complain about people. There are far too many facets of people that drive me mad. I will illustrate these using other peoples brilliance because my brother Michael has a scanner and I do not and I cant afford to keep going up to it.

Number one: I hate organizations.  They just make everything so much more organized and that is obnoxious.  Think about, for example, countries.  Countries are a form of organization.  Even states are, sort of.  If Texas is a "whole 'nuther country," and Canada actually is another whole country, and then there's Europe, which is an entirely 'nuther continent, on which are England and France, where the languages for Texas and Canada and the other states and everything came from, and then there are all those old countries like Mesopotamia that don't exist anymore, that are actually maybe Iraq or something . . . then look at that!  There used to be that big continent before they separated, Gaia or something (look, if I don't have this right, email with how it really is and I'll fix it and give you credit.) 

For example, in North Dakota.
Now, you see, I think it should be legal everywhere.

In fact, I think that there shouldn't even BE the concept of legal or illegal.  It's just a pain no matter how you look at it.  I will say this a million times before you stop talking to me or whatever this counts as, but it's all one big spherical dirtball anyway.  Therefore, the concept of MARRIAGE is even stupid.  which brings me to another reason why life sucks:
Reason 2: Marriage. 


"you see, marriage is a bribe. . . " but not for the reasons in Hello, Dolly; it is a bribe from some unbeknownst power (I'm getting there) that says "we need there to be more people on Earth.  Therefore, you are going to have these weird urges that you don't necessarily want that screw everything up.  For example, people are just walking around, living their lives, being friends with people, when all of a sudden, poof, it's like being friends isn't enough.  And the sad part is, that doing more is all well and good until it a) goes too far, gets you pregnant, and makes you regret it or doesn't make you regret it if you're like that; b) looks stupid and feels stupid; c) you miss just being friends but the other person doesn't; or d) you don't miss being friends and you get old and saggy and that isn't fun.  Anyway one of the worst side effects is what happens to your other friends, because they're all like 'look, I have friends,' and then you're all like 'but this is sooooooooo much more important,' and the thing is that at the time you really believe it, and it is only after when you come running back, crying for them, that you realize what you've lost because you miss so much of their lives and meanwhile there's some empty sack that knows all about you like what you like and don't like and what you act like when you're acting stupid and whatever else there is to know about someone and yeah."  And then if you get married, well, what the hell is that?  I mean, I know you're supposed to and all, and then the kids don't feel alienated, but - but - don't you get BORED of the other person?  I mean, come on!  And even if the other person is the greatest person in the history of humankind, well, they'll probably get bored of you.  The end. 


This text is way too vertical.  But I am going to say that religion sucks, and everything about it sucks, which is why I am agnostic.  Doesn't that sound like I'm a traitor?  Well, look.  First of all, if there is a God, which there could be, then that's nice.  Second of all, if there isn't a God, which is also possible, then that is also nice.  If there are several gods, then that is nice as well.  But no matter what you hypothesize, it's still just a hypothesis.  There's proof for every religion, so in that essence, there is no proof.  Watch it happen that one that no one has thought of yet ends up being true.  (all part of reason 3)

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