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Once you start, you're hooked. But there is a hope for you. CANNIBALS ANONYMOUS.
Rocky Horror!
this is here for cait
Cannibalism-related links!
eating babies is the cool thing to do
Weird dreams I've had in horribly done comic format
More reasons life sucks - this will be built over time.
Oh my God! There's an axe in my head! (after messing the first try up)
I like traffic lights
Heinle and Heinle
Your pathetic source for quotes
Something that you won't have read already.
Roads to infinity. Or from there.
Life organizer
Diagrams of my room, as promised.
good songs.

I was assistant stage manager, so although I'm not visible really an any photographs, I was at allll the rehearsals.  Yay!  These pictures are mostly very blurry.  Pretend not to care and you'll like them.

Colin, who played Eddie, and Jeni, who played Dr. Scott. Meredith, Drew, and Amy in foreground; Tenaya, Ann, and Katie in background. Emily, Drew, Omen, and Jeni, if viewed counterclockwise.

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