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Heinle and Heinle
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Heinle and Heinle
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For the past two years, my french textbooks have been wonderful, wonderful things.  I don't know how to put accents into this.


Interaction -
J'adore les petits enfants.
Pour faire une soupe on a besoin de petits enfants et d'animaux.
Les petits enfants sont bons en ete.
Je prefere les petits enfants.
N'oubliez pas les petits enfants pour notre soiree. 
Il fait les provisions deux, euh, okay that one doesn't work.
Les petits enfants sont pratiques pour faire le marche en France.
Je deteste les petits enfants.
Les petits enfants sont necessaires dans un supermarche.
You make it an option, we pick it.  Fair is fair.
Bravo! - Here is something I wrote in like December about Bravo!, my last years, textbook for French, also written by Heinle and Heinle:
Why, despite their polite tests, Bravo!  and the other Bravo!  are still cool:
  • Veronique who skipped school to go to the supermarket in her convertable
  • We had to, in honors French 5, (then, the highest level of French in the school, although we lowly juniors pushed a new one into the scheme) draw inflections over the conveniently doublespaced writing (about Veronique).  Up arrows and down arrows. 
  • The way the weirdos who talk on the CD get stuck on the letters "s" and "r"
  • practicing intonation
  • "anticonstitutionellement" "Pablo Picasso" --> two of the words that we had to randomly read out loud, to practice our intonation some more.
  • A tradition throughout Heinle and Heinle is to have people pair up and ask each other questions.  I found myself being asked by Liz whether or not I had kids.  It was in the book.
  • When Georges and Harry respond simultaneously on the CD
  • The funky music at the end of each side
  • The entire chapter devoted to studying words such as "euh" and "eh bien."  Let's practice pausing!
  • Two pages devoted to studying the words for alcoholic drinks, and then encouraging us to discuss them.  "So, were you drunk last Saturday?"  "Yes, that was me."  "I prefer red wine."
  • The two guys with freaky voices: one is extremely high pitched, excited, and stuttery, and the other is low, slow, and clumsy.
  • A picture of a baby, in the middle of some chapter on verbs that doesn't mention a baby, with a caption that talks about how cute it is.
  • The picture of a chicken that has lips, in the middle of another chapter about verbs that mentions nothing of the sort.
  • The cat.  I'd say enough said, but you don't know what I am talking about.  This cat is also a picture.  With an asterisk.  Your eyes hit the bottom of the page and you find another asterisk with a message: Did you know that blablabla litterboxes toilet trained blablabla with all these statistics about cats and their bathroom habits.  I was amused.
  • Mickey Mouse who came to Disneyland, Paris on April 12, 1992.

"When people say "huh?" that's just Americans making noises." - Madame


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