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Once you start, you're hooked. But there is a hope for you. CANNIBALS ANONYMOUS.
eating babies is the cool thing to do
this is here for cait
Cannibalism-related links!
eating babies is the cool thing to do
Weird dreams I've had in horribly done comic format
More reasons life sucks - this will be built over time.
Oh my God! There's an axe in my head! (after messing the first try up)
I like traffic lights
Heinle and Heinle
Your pathetic source for quotes
Something that you won't have read already.
Roads to infinity. Or from there.
Life organizer
Diagrams of my room, as promised.
good songs.

Look at me, I'm "subhead content!"  Whoo!

Half of this page is devoted to Mattholomew's puns, and the other half is devoted to Cosmo.  Here is the part about Matt's puns:
I'm tired.
I don't see a car.
So, what is on your mind?
I went up to this guy the other day. His name is Nick. I said "hey Nick... do you have a nickel? Oh wait of course you don't... because you're Nicholas (nickelless)"
What are you up to?
About 5'8".
 Don't you see my point. ::points::
He looks like a whiner, actually.
Then pour him some wine.
I've got my period.
Well, I've got my comma.


This is the S. Goblin from Breath of Fire II.  He reminds me of Cosmo.


Mejwell the Turnip drew me this picture of his dog, Cosmo.  I want to have Cosmo but I only own one of his toes.  You cannot see that toe on this picture, but believe me, it's there.
But!  This dog is not necessarily Mejwell's, only.  And mine with the toe.  This goatdinosaurspongeanimal is as follows: "who is that?  surely not our beloved sproingy, splatty little beastie ( and she's green )"  That is because he belongs to Alexusfish.  Too.  But really he's mine says I and nothing can be done to stop that even if he's not really mine at all.

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