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Once you start, you're hooked. But there is a hope for you. CANNIBALS ANONYMOUS.
this is here for cait
Cannibalism-related links!
eating babies is the cool thing to do
Weird dreams I've had in horribly done comic format
More reasons life sucks - this will be built over time.
Oh my God! There's an axe in my head! (after messing the first try up)
I like traffic lights
Heinle and Heinle
Your pathetic source for quotes
Something that you won't have read already.
Roads to infinity. Or from there.
Life organizer
Diagrams of my room, as promised.
good songs.
Once upon a time, there was a profile.  It was infinite.  Literally.  From time to time, the owner of this page went berzerk trying to locate something on this profile, but she was so attached to it that departing with it was not on her list of things to do, as if she had one.
Reasoning mentally, she realized that part of the problem with her profile directly linked to the concept of her aforementioned "list of things to do."  Very indirectly.  In that perhaps she needed to >gasp< be more organized.
This was a huge dilemma for her.  She, if you didn't know, was the least organized person ON THE PLANET.  It was so horrible that her whole life she had been ridiculed for it.  Herein lied (lay?) the problem.  Herein, also, was laying (any better?  not really) the solution.


And so, our idiot narrator excursioned into the land of making a useless website that few to any people would ever read, for the sake of organization, wasting time, and maybe something else that she forgot.  And talking in the third person.  That's kind of amusing. 

And if you care -

Hi.  Okay.  So it's May, and I haven't updated anything but the good songs section in a million years, even though I've started a bunch of pages I never finished.  So I think I'm going to do something on it today.

12/first day of vacation/2002 - I still update frequently, and I put the most recent pages on the top so people can see that they're new.  New songs keep being added to the good songs category, but one that you HAVE to listen to is "bulbous bouffant" by the vestibules.  I'm also recategorizing stuff.

11/something/2002 - I have been updating this frequently, but not updating THIS, because this is too hard to update for lazy people like me.  Between pit, various other concerts, school, and car crashes, my heart hasn't been in it.  But all that is about to change.  Keep visiting my hellhole.  You'll know if I updated.

09/25/2002 - Let's see how good my powers of remembering useless things are.  I added two links to roads to infinity.  I added the page "Oh my god!  There's an axe in my head!"  There are now TWO essays written by famous people way back when that don't exactly say no to cannibalism.  Many, many quotes added - a new category in I Like Traffic Lights about dumb things people say, and more teacher quotes than you'd believe.  Well, you will believe it.  Whatever.  There's your update.

09/23/2002 - I don't know what I updated anytime recently.  Paddy is going to help me with ideas, since he already started surveying people and jotting down bad teacher quotes.  You can do that too.  I'm turning the song titles into links for the lyrics.  So there are some teacher quotes up.  Plus Paddy's contribution to my dog meat survey.
09/17/2002 - did a lot yesterday, and forgot to update this thing.  And today, I added to the dog thing and to the quotes thing because I found one in a homework reading about cannibalism. 
09/15/2002 - every category within has been updated or created.  Or recreated.  I have a guestbook.  Sign it or I will eat you.
09/14/2002 - a new fount of stupidity is established on the web.  Or, if you like me to simplify things, my cute little page is born isn't it a good widdle page muhmuhmuh.  Ew. 


My senior year schedule. There were tons of conflicts. As in, well - look at what I am planning on majoring in (english and music.) Then look at my second semester and tell me if it is fair for me to go to a school where freshmen seem to have it best.


Want to make fun of my page?  Or be ON it?  I can do that, you know.  I'm THAT powerful.  >feels muscle< eh, okay, well, yeah.
IF SO. . . (sidetracking is good) email:
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