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Dog meat.
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the pivotal question.

Are dogs red or white meat?

It has been brought to my attention that I left out an opinion.  Alexis!  Who IS a fish!  Believes that dog is white meat.  I, however, disagree.  She might or might not write more on the topic.  Her reasoning is poorly done, but it exists, so I give her credit.
September 17th, 2002. 
In AP French today, we were doing a pathetic exercise involving Madame saying the name of a food and the student victim saying the food group it is in.  I was given "chicken" and said "meat."  Apparently, I was wrong.  Chicken falls in the vol. . . something category, which might mean "poultry."  It is not meat, at all.  So then, I got a bit distracted, and I asked how you tell which category it falls under (at the time, I thought that vol . . . whatever meant "white meat" because I hadn't looked at the stem of the word which is vol which means to fly) and she looked at me like I was stupid and I said "whether a food is red or white meat," and she said "well you generally know" and I'm like "okay - Madame?  Is dog red or white meat?"  This was all in French, of course, but I'm guessing someone will read this who does not take French.  Her answer:
Only birds get to be white meat.  Dogs are not birds.  So that is Madame's answer.

Chris W. says:oh yes, and about the dog meat....

Chris W. says:you could play this one of two ways

Chris W. says:1) red/white based on fat content and genus

Chris W. says: or

Chris W. says: 2) what it would acctually look like when cooked

Chris W. says: i'm under the impression it would be cooked white, like pork, because what makes meat red for grazing animals like cows and sheep is actually what they eat: grass. there's a chemical in it that causes the meat to be red when eaten

Chris W. says:dogs don't get much of that chemical i'd assume.....probably white meat

Chris W. says:but they're mammals, so.....

Chris W. says: probably red meat

Blink182girl527: id say that dogs r red meat
BrassIdiot: thank you!
BrassIdiot: your thought will not go unnoticed!
blink182girl527: haha thanks
blink182girl527: lol
cuz ppl r red meat and some ppl are dog-like
ConnivingWombat: and on dog meat: how could you even ask? as all people should know, it is in a category occupied by only one other type of meat: the flesh of human infants (i.e. swift).  this meat is neither "red" nor "white".....merely "exquisite"
PMPADDYMAN: i say white meat
the dogs
I actually found a site that proves that dog is red meat.  But it's more fun with all these people who disagree.  Although, Jon, Katie, and Mr. Huot all say it is red.  Like I do.  They say this because, well, Katie says that dog meat is obviously red, because lion meat is red.  That's good reasoning, no?
BrassIdiot:is dog red or white meat?
okwrite: ummm...... good question.  but i dont know the answer
BrassIdiot:what do you THINK?
okwrite: red...  .. though i wouldnt know where to begin classifying a dog as a type of meat
BrassIdiot:is dog red meat or white meat?
MPDevil7Q: ....
MPDevil7Q: .......
MPDevil7Q: why are you thinking that....?
BrassIdiot: I expect an answer
MPDevil7Q: all 5
BrassIdiot: yo
BrassIdiot: is dog white meat or red meat?
wrestlingman222: I think it's white.
wrestlingman222:Why do you ask.
BrassIdiot: yeah, because we were doing a "survey"
SpicyK8T: oh Lord
BrassIdiot: I didn't leave one
SpicyK8T: lol
BrassIdiot: we were surveying whether dog is red meat or white meat
SpicyK8T: EW
BrassIdiot: hahahahha
BrassIdiot: we were calling random people and asking
BrassIdiot: what's your answer
SpicyK8T: mm.....ive never seen cooked dog
SpicyK8T: but i would guess red meat
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